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Included here is a selection of free wedding vows ranging from traditional to modern, religious to non-religious. Some require the bride and groom to memorize announcements, vows, and declarations. Others require the couple to memorize nothing more complicated than "I do."

You may find a vow that is just right for you, or you may find that you like a piece of one and a part of another. You should not hesitate to mix and match, add or delete. Wedding declarations have varied from place to place over time, and people today have more choice than ever. How you begin and end the ceremony, as well as what you want to do and say between "we are gathered here" and "I now pronounce you husband and wife" is entirely up to you. You may wish to add poetry, passages from the Bible or other inspirational sources, or make up your own words. Anything that suits your values and taste is acceptable in a wedding ceremony. Remember: it’s your wedding. It’s important to keep things positive, and don’t be shy about using your sense of humor.

It is advisable that you share your particular vows with the individual who will officiate the wedding, long before the ceremony is to take place. Some ministers prefer certain vows and ceremonies and may be reluctant to deviate from their usual repertoire. By sharing your vows with him or her weeks or months before the great day, you will have time to work out a compromise or engage a different officiate.

Many people make photocopies of their vows to distribute among guests. This enables your family and friends to read along as the ceremony progresses, and gives them a nice souvenir of your wedding. Be sure to keep a copy to frame or store with other precious wedding memorabilia.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


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