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Your wedding vows set the tone for your marriage. The right vows make your wedding romantic, meaningful, and uniquely your own. The heart and soul of your wedding are your vows to each other.

"The Wedding" - Charles Schweninger
"The Wedding" - Charles Schweninger

This collection contains twenty of the most beautiful and romantic wedding vows ever written. Each vow skillfully weaves innovation with tradition, with affirmations about love, life, partnership, and individuality. The vows range from religious to secular, but all are romantic, unique, and meaningful. Although your vows will be special just as they are, you can also add your own words or mix vows from different ceremonies. Even if you already have wedding vows, you can find that one special line that adds so much meaning to your wedding ceremony.

Your wedding vows can be memorized declarations, or they can require nothing more complicated than "I do."

Can you afford not to have the most meaningful, beautiful, and romantic vows for your wedding? Get your marriage off on the right foot.

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Entire Wedding Vows Collection

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